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Last updated: 15 September 2013

Want to visit Stonehenge from London or elsewhere? Using public transportation? It couldn't be easier. This page tells you how. It also has maps and details of how to book local accommodation nearby in guesthouses, bed-and-breakfast (B&B) homes, and hotels.

Stonehenge automatic journey planner

Use this little widget to get a complete journey plan for a trip to or from Stonehenge by public transportation. All you have to do is click "to" or "from" at the top (i.e. whether you're going to or from Stonehenge), enter the date and time of your trip, enter the postcode of the place you're coming from to reach Stonehenge or going on to after you leave, and click the GO button.

1. Are you going to or from Stonehenge?

2. Enter the postcode of the place you're starting from to get to Stonehenge (or going on to after you leave):

US visitors please note that a postcode is the UK equivalent of a zip code. If you're a visitor from overseas and you're travelling from central London, enter any central London postcode like SW1A 0AA (the House of Commons postcode in Westminster).

Type your postcode in the box below:

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Public transport information

Stonehenge by train (railway/railroad)

South West Trains Stonehenge is a 25-minute bus ride from the attractive city of Salisbury. And Salisbury has a large railway station with quick and convenient trains to most parts of the UK. Direct trains go to Salisbury from London Waterloo, Southampton, Portsmouth, South Wales (Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport), Bath, Bristol, and Exeter. The South West Trains website tells you about trains to Salisbury from stations to London and Exeter and includes timetables and up-to-the-minute train running information. It's sometimes possible to get special day-trip tickets to Stonehenge from places like London. For details of current offers, look at the website or call the SW Trains Helpline on 0845 6000 650.
National Rail For information about trains from other places, check out the National Rail website or call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950 (24 hours).

Stonehenge by National Express

National Express You can also get to Salisbury by coach, which is usually much cheaper than taking the train but also takes much longer (around 3-5 hours). The National Express website is easy to use, with timetable and fare information and online booking. You can get direct coaches from London and connections to Salisbury from many other towns and cities.

Stonehenge by bus

Stonehenge tour logo The local bus company Wilts and Dorset runs The Stonehenge Tour bus service, which is now the best way to get from Salisbury to Stonehenge. Here's the timetable. You can find out more by calling Wilts & Dorset on UK: 01722-336855 Overseas: +44 1722 336855.

Need help from a human being?

Traveline logo If you're hopelessly confused by train and bus timetables, visit the Traveline public transport information website or call their information line on 0870 608 2608.

Stonehenge by walking and cycling

National Cycle Network 45 sign Why not visit Stonehenge as your ancestors would have done? Okay, they might not have had bicycles—but you could always walk from a nearby town. Stonehenge is just over 2 miles (4 km) from the town of Amesbury and can be visited on foot or on bicycle using public rights of way. Take extreme care if you need to cross the A303 on foot or by bicycle! We suggest you look at an Ordnance Survey map of the area which shows the rights of way. Cyclists might like to note that Sustrans Route 45 from Gloucester to Salisbury passes through Amesbury.

Organized tours of Stonehenge

Various companies offer more personalized tours of Stonehenge. Since organized tours use public transportation, and take cars off the roads, we're very happy to endorse them here. Please note that City Sightseeing no longer operates a Stonehenge tour.

Opening times and prices

For information about Stonehenge opening times and admission prices, call the Stonehenge Information line (recorded message) on UK: 01980-624715 Overseas: +44 1980 624715.


For information about places to stay in the Salisbury or Amesbury area, contact: Salisbury Tourist Information Centre, Fish Row, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 1EJ. Telephone: UK: 01722-334956 Overseas: +44 1722 334956; Fax: UK: 01722-422059 Overseas: +44 722 422059.


You might like to browse a Google Map of Stonehenge.

Here's an alternative map from Streetmap.co.uk (you can zoom it in or out).

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